Guaranteed* Business Growth with the Eclipse & Code: Green!

Our Online Video Commercial gives your carpet cleaning business the perfect marketing edge over your competition. You have heard a pictures is worth a thousand words…. Well, our video is worth a million!

Place this video on your website. How? First, watch the video. Then, read the info below.

Place Video on your Website: Imagine placing the above video on your website. Not only will it give your business a professional image, but it will effectively communicate why customers should choose your company over the competition. By using our Eclipse Powered Portable Extractor along with Code: Green, you are giving your customers unmatched power & cleaning results while doing it in a safer, more environmentally preferable way. Customers loves this!

How can you use this video?

1) You have purchased a brand new Eclipse Extractor from CleanCraft Products, Inc.

2) You must have a history of purchasing Code: Green and currently use Code: Green on carpet & upholstery cleaning jobs.

3) From time of video usage, you continue to purchase at least 6 cases (4/1gal) of Code: Green within a running 12 month span.

4) All service technicians in your company must use Code: Green as the main cleaning agent for all carpet & upholstery jobs.

5) All service technicians in your company must use the Eclipse extractor on every carpet and upholstery cleaning job.

6) You must complete the CleanCraft Eclipse & Code: Green Video Commercial Guidelines form.

Once we can verify all necessary requirements, we will email you the code snippet to place the video on your website. If you don’t have a website, CleanCraft can build one for you. See our Website Hosting page for more details.

CleanCraft not only provides superior equipment & chemicals to help with your cleaning results, but will help grow your business too - Guaranteed*!

Guarantee*: CleanCraft Products, Inc. guarantees that this Online Video Commercial will help grow your business. After placing this video on your website, if you find that you don’t receive any extra work, CleanCraft will remove the video from your website and send you a case of Code: Green for free.