Start an Air Duct Cleaning Business    (Plus we can even pass you jobs!)

start air duct cleaning businessStarting an air duct cleaning business is one of the easiest, most affordable, and extremely profitable businesses to start. Whether you only offering air duct cleaning services or adding air duct cleaning to your existing business, CleanCraft has the best equipment and services to help you successfully enter the air duct cleaning market. In fact, we are so confident, we will put our money where our mouth is. Keep reading, to see how we can pass you jobs when you purchase our equipment. Yes, that is right… actual booked work to help you with your business startup. Keep reading!

However, first, let’s look at the two main ways people clean air ducts: Negative Air and Rotary Brush.

Negative Air” equipment basically cut a hole, hook up a big vacuum, uses an air compressor, and blow & suck. Good luck getting all the dirt stuck on the ductwork off! This type of equipment goes by the philosophy of bigger is better. However, this is not true.You can have all the vacuum power you want, but if you can’t get the dirt off the ductwork, what good is it?

"Rotary Brush" systems usually have a brush mounted to the end of a vacuum hose that spins. They are generally better than negative air at removing dirt & debris from the ductwork. However, good luck pushing a brush/vacuum hose combination through the twists and turns of ductwork! You will quickly see how you are unable to maneuver through duct systems.

When you enter the Air Duct Cleaning industry, you want better for your business and your customers. Thankfully, CleanCraft overcomes all these equipment deficiencies with our SpinVax 1000XT Air Duct Cleaning System.

Our SpinVax 1000XT system will give flexibility to maneuver through the twists & turns of ductwork with the separation of our cable/brush system. However, getting to the end of the ductwork is not enough. In addition, our proprietary FlexTend brushes give you self-adjusting and reverse sweeping technology to bring the dirt & debris back to the vacuum system for a better overall cleaning.

Plus, our SpinVax 1000XT system allows you to clean Dryer Vents as well! Other equipment packages require you to purchase extra equipment for dryer vents. Not us! This is more money making opportunities for your business.

Passing You Jobs:    Here is the icing on the cake. When you purchase the SpinVax 1000XT system from CleanCraft, we also have a Network established to pass you jobs. Yes, you read that correctly. We can pass you jobs! These are not referrals, but actual scheduled jobs to make you money! There is no added cost to become a member of this network. We just take a commission on the jobs we pass you.

No other company or package out there “helping you” start your air duct cleaning business puts their money where their mouth is. CleanCraft is so sure our air duct cleaning equipment & process is superior to the competition that we will spend money marketing in your area to get you work! Now that is confidence! Don’t be fooled out there by startup packages that give you “marketing materials.” Marketing materials don’t give you jobs! You can develop your own marketing materials for way cheaper than these packages charge you. CleanCraft skips the “marketing materials” and give you actual jobs! Do you want paper materials or money??? Duh, no brainer.😊

CleanCraft has helped many new & existing businesses enter the air duct cleaning market. See how our superior equipment, process, and job passing skills can help you with air duct & dryer vent cleaning.

start air duct cleaning business

Check out our SpinVax 1000XT Air Duct Cleaning System webpage for more information on the SpinVax, including a video you can watch to see our system in action. Then, give us a call to discuss the equipment and how we can help you enter the air duct cleaning market and pass you jobs from our Network.