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professional carpet cleaning chemicals

Best Carpet Cleaning Chemicals

Choosing the best carpet cleaning chemicals for your professional carpet cleaning business is extremely important. The carpet cleaning chemical you use not only helps with cleaning out dirt, grime, oils, and spots & stains, but it can help produce a quality image for your company.

With over 50 years of carpet cleaning experience, our product choice for best carpet cleaning chemical is: Code: Green All-in-One Cleaning Agent. Code: Green was developed to be an “All-in-One” carpet cleaning chemical that cleans all carpet & fabrics that can be “wet cleaned.”

Code: Green is truly an amazing product.This one product can be used as a Pre-Spray, Extraction & Rinse, and a Spot & Stain Remover… all in one product !

This “All-in-One” philosophy has many benefits to your business:

  • Better Cleaning Results: Running the cleaning chemical through your extractor actually improves your cleaning results. Running plain old water and/or rinses through your wand does not have cleaning power behind every stoke of the wand you take. Plus, don't worry, Code: Green is neutral pH and doesn't contain fillers, so it is safer for your pumps & internal parts.
  • Quicker Cleaning Times: By not having to Pre-Spray the whole room down, you actually shave minutes of cleaning time off each room. An 8 room home can save you about a ½ hour of time! Time is money!
  • Less Overhead: Why do carpet cleaning chemical manufactures & distributors think you need to be a mobile chemist? As a carpet cleaner, our trucks are already overloaded with stuff. Your chemicals do not need to be part of the problem. Code: Green reduces the amount of chemicals you need to carry. Again, one product does it all.
  • Less Training: Ask 10 carpet cleaning technicians how they should go about cleaning something, and you will get 10 different answers! Code: Green simplifies training. Since you can safely & effectively clean any fabric that can be wet cleaned (carpet or upholstery), there is no training. Just clean!
  • Safety & Greening your Business: Code: Green is approved by the EPA’s Safer Choice Program. This means Code: Green meets the EPA’s stringent list of safer ingredients. The health & safety of your employees and customers’ family & pets are important. Do your part to safeguard them by choosing Code: Green.
  • Money Savings: All the above = Less Costs. Improve productivity & income.

Perhaps it is time for your Professional Carpet Cleaning Business to look at a carpet cleaning chemical that will not only clean, but will actually help your business grow!

Take a look at Code: Green below. Free shipping on case quantities!

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Code: Green All-in-One Carpet Cleaning Agent Code: Green (1 Gal): All-in-One Carpet Cleaning Agent

One product for all your cleaning needs!  Code:Green was designed to be your Pre-Spray, Extraction Detergent, Rinse, and Spot & Stain Remover all-in-one.  Yes, it can actually do it!  Plus, Code:Green is EPA approved Environmentally Friendly.  Save time, money, & health using this product.  Code:Green will change the way you clean for the better!  Check out this product.

Our Price: $29.95 Free Shipping Available

Best Professional Carpet Cleaning Chemicals

CleanCraft has been developing professional carpet cleaning chemicals for decades. Plus, we own carpet cleaning businesses! Let our expertise and our great chemical product line help your business. Plus, our carpet cleaning chemicals make the whole cleaning process easy and fool proof. See the Category Menu to the Left to drill down to all our carpet cleaning chemicals.