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Universal By-Pass Pump Box
Universal By-Pass Pump Box
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Our Price: $399.00

Product Code: PM-CZUNIVBYPS220

Universal By-Pass Pump BoxTM

Ever have a portable extractor break down? You know what kind of trouble this can cause: lost revenues, scheduling problems, angry customers! What if there was a way to prevent this?

CleanCraft introduces the Universal By-Pass Pump BoxTM.

Here is the scenario: You have a full day of work, and on your first job of the day, your water pump breaks down. Your customer took the morning off from work, so they could have their carpets cleaned. As you are tinkering with your extractor, your customer starts to question what is wrong and how long it is going to take. What do you do?

Unfortunately, many professional carpet cleaners don’t have a good answer to this scenario. Many would have to cancel their jobs for the day while they pay hundreds of dollars in overnight shipping charges to get a new pump sent in ASAP. Not only does this cost your business $$$, but it costs in customer relationships as well.

Now, here comes the smart professional carpet cleaner with a contingency plan already in place with the Universal By-Pass Pump Box TMExtractor’s pump is down... No problem. Pull out the Universal By-Pass Pump Box TM and get back to work within seconds!

The Universal By-Pass Pump Box TM hooks to your extractor to by-pass your pumping/plumbing system and pump your cleaning solution through your hoses & wand. You continue to use your extractor’s vacuum system. Usually extractors have more than one vacuum motor; so if a vacuum motor where to ever go bad, it is not an emergency… you can still clean. However, if your pump goes bad, you are out of commission! Now, there is no need for an expensive backup machine (waste of money & space). The Universal By-Pass Pump Box TM will keep you going! This cool accessory is an affordable backup that will pay for itself many times over.

Features & Specs:

  • 220psi Pump System
  • Built-in Cooling System
  • Co-Polymer Resin Molded Body (Chemical Resistant & Stronger than Steel on a Strength to Weight ratio)
  • Includes Visible Feed Hose w/ Filter & Bleeder Hose
  • Can Run Dry for freeze protection
  • Circuit Breaker Protected
  • Lighted On/Off Switch
  • Built-in Carrying Handle and Hose Storage Area
  • Dimensions: 20in x 13in 10.5in (LxWxH)
  • 18 lbs.

Be the smart professional carpet cleaner. Be ready, and have a contingency plan in place. Every cleaning truck should carry the Universal By-Pass Pump Box TM. Remember, it is a fact: 10 out of 10 pumps will go bad. It is just a matter of time!

Watch this video for more information:..

The Universal By-Pass Pump Box TM works with older model Eclipse extractors (ones without the ReRoute By-Pass Technology built-in) and any other portable extractor on the market. Just drop the feed hose into your extractor’s solution tank and connect your solution hose to the front of the Universal By-Pass Pump Box TM. It is that simple. This 220psi unit will allow you to continue cleaning without worrying about your extractor’s pumping system.

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