“1-2 Marketing Knockout Punch”

The owners of CleanCraft have been in the carpet cleaning industry for over 46 years. During this time, we have lived & learned marketing. One of the most frequently asked questions we get from professional carpet cleaners is: “How can I market my business for cheap, while at the same time getting a great return on my investment?”

Well, we are about to let you in on a little secret. The program we following is so effective, we call it our “1-2 Marketing Knockout Punch.” In fact, we have been doing this for years with unbelievable returns. It works so well that we have kept it a secret, until now.

Our “1-2 Marketing Knockout Punch” is cheap & easy, and will build the residential side of your carpet cleaning business by leaps & bounds. It incorporates two of our marketing products: Door Hangers & Referral Cards.

When you use these two products together, it creates a synergistic effect… they actually work together to produce a better outcome. More on this in a bit... first, let’s go over the two products in this program:

1) Referral Cards: Use your customers as a marketing machine. Our fully customizable referral cards are attractive, perfect size, and give incentive for your customers to pass out. Here are how they work… After the technician has completed the cleaning job, give the happy customer five (5) referral cards. The customer passes out the cards to family, friends, neighbors, etc. Any new customer that books a job based on the referral card will get $20.00 off their cleaning service (we choose $20.00, but you can design the card with any amount you choose). This new customer hands the referral card to the cleaning technician to get their $20.00 off. Since the original customer's name & address (the original customer who referred this new customer) is written on the back of the card, your company knows who got you this new customer. As a reward, you will give the original customer $10.00 off their next cleaning service. This gives incentive for the original customer to pass out the cards.

2) Door Hangers: Fully customizable door hangers with your company information, coupons, & specials. Everyone knows what a door hanger is. However, most people don’t use them properly. Here is what we recommend… After the cleaning technician has completed a service job, have him/her walk around to the neighbor's houses and pass out ten (10) door hangers. Ten is the perfect number; not too much where the technician won't do it, and not too few where it doesn't become effective. Passing out ten door hangers should only take about 5 minutes. Have the technician do this after every job. The numbers quickly add up. 2 jobs per day x 10 door hangers per job = 20 door hangers a day!

Each marketing product within themselves is great, and will help build your business. However, as mentioned above, these two products work together to produce AMAZING results.

Here is an example of how they work synergistically:

Your company cleans Jen’s house. Your technician gives Jen 5 referral cards and passes out 10 door hangers to neighbors. One neighbor, Sandy, notices her door hanger. Sandy also saw your company truck parked at Jen’s house earlier. Sandy was thinking about getting her carpets cleaned, and the door hanger specials are attractive to her. Since Sandy saw your company truck parked at Jen’s house earlier, Sandy decides to walk over to Jen’s house and ask her how she liked your work. Jen says she was pleased and tells Sandy that she has a $20.00 coupon for her, and passes Sandy a Referral Card. Sandy is appreciative and gives your company a call.

Do you see what happened here? One product (Door Hanger) intrigued Sandy. Jen then pulled Sandy in with the 2nd product (Referral Card with a $20.00 Off Coupon). Both products worked together to get Sandy to call you. This works time and time again for our carpet cleaning companies.

This is how the “1-2 Marketing Knockout Punch” works. It is simple and extremely cheap to implement. Add up the cost of the Door Hangers & Referral Cards. You will see they are only pennies each time you pass them out. Well worth the amount of work they will get you!

Check out our Door Hangers & Referral Cards. Professionally designed by carpet cleaners, for carpet cleaners! With the lowest prices possible, you will not find products like these anywhere. Plus, we have done all the work for you: the design, the process, and all the customizations with your company information. If we had only one piece of marketing advice to give a professional carpet cleaner, it would be to order both these products and take advantage of our “1-2 Marketing Knockout Punch."

Take a look at our Referral Cards and Door Hangers today!