Start Your Own Carpet Cleaning Business

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start a carpet cleaning business
Finally, the ultimate help in starting a carpet cleaning business! As a family run company, CleanCraft has owned and operated carpet cleaning businesses for over 55 years. Both as a manufacturer and distributor of carpet cleaning equipment, chemicals, & supplies, and our experience in owning carpet cleaning businesses have given us the unique opportunity to offer carpet cleaning business start-up packages. We have developed carpet cleaning start-up packages to help entrepreneurs with the starting of a carpet cleaning business, and to help grow their business.

start a carpet cleaning business

We have 2 programs to help you start your business. Both programs include business coaching and ongoing support. Plus, both programs include unique technologies & tools to help you start, maintain, & grow your business!

  • Business Complete Package ($5199): Equipment, Cleaning Solutions, Supplies, Coaching & Support, Free Ship, Free Website Building, Free Invoices, Free Marketing Materials (Referral Cards, Magnetic Business Cards, Thank you Cards, Reminder Cards), Free Training Materials (Online Videos and Tips & Best Practices Guides), Access to Online Video Commercials to put on your Free Website, & More...

Highlights of Both Packages:

Watch our Eclipse Video (comes with both packages) to see how the Eclipse stands above all the competition

Access to Online Commercial: We even have an online video you can use on your website!

Cell Phone Footage: Watch the Eclipse and Code: Green work together to produce amazing results. This is what you get in our packages!

We are happy to discuss your start-up options. Please give us a call at 800-525-3261 to go more in detail and answer any questions you may have.