Start Your Own Carpet Cleaning Business

You can now easily own your own carpet cleaning business. Our company, CleanCraft, is offering you a great opportunity. We have put together a package, which offers you all the equipment, chemicals, consulting, and training you need to start and operate your own carpet and upholstery cleaning business. Read the following points and see if your own carpet cleaning business is right for you.

1)  Would you like to be your own boss, obtain higher income, have job security, and receive personal satisfaction? 

2)  Would you like this business to be easy to start up?

3)  Would you like this business to offer a service everyone needs or wants?

4)  Would you like this business to have a repetitive demand from your customers?

5)  Would you like this business to only need a small start up capital?

6)  If needed, would you like financing available for your business?

7)  Would you like a successful company to back you in your venture?

8)  Would you like the opportunity to make $40,000, $50,000, even more than a $100,000 a year?

9)  Would you like to keep all your profits (No franchise fees or profit sharing)?

10)  After all of this, would you still be excited if this business was your own carpet and upholstery cleaning business?

If you answered YES to all of these questions, we may be able to help.

CleanCraft Products, Inc. is owned by Professional Carpet Cleaners. We have the knowledge and experience needed to help entrepreneurs start their own carpet cleaning business. We offer a couple different Start-up Packages that include everything you need to get started. This is your own business, not a franchise.  We provide all the equipment, chemicals, training, and consulting services you need to run a successful carpet cleaning business.  As you can see through our website, we already supply carpet cleaners with chemicals and equipment.  Now, we have put together a package that not only supplies you with this, but important training and consulting services.  Involved in the carpet cleaning business for over 30 years ourselves, we have learned how to run a successful business.  With the purchase of our package, we will supply you with personal training and consulting for the life of your business.  We have helped others start their own successful businesses.  Let us help you!

This is truly a great opportunity. Please read our information package - it's free!!.

Deluxe Packages with Training: Deluxe Information Package

Starter Package: Starter Success Package