Start Your Own Carpet Cleaning Business

We have TWO packages to help you start a carpet cleaning business. Both packages include Business Coaching & On-going Support from industry professionals with YEARS of experience in starting, operating, & running successful carpet cleaning businesses. Our "Business Complete Package" below will even go above & beyond the start-up phase and help you with Video Training, Website Building, and Marketing. See what package below fits your carpet cleaning start-up needs. We are here to help.

start a carpet cleaning business Finally, the ultimate help in starting a carpet cleaning business! As a family run company, CleanCraft has owned and operated carpet cleaning businesses for over 55 years. Being a manufacturer and distributor of carpet cleaning equipment, chemicals, & supplies, and our experience in owning carpet cleaning businesses has given us the unique opportunity to offer carpet cleaning business start-up packages. We have developed carpet cleaning start-up packages to help entrepreneurs with the starting of a carpet cleaning business, and to help grow their business.

The service industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the United States. Every year, more & more entrepreneurs open a new business in the service industry. Starting a carpet cleaning business can be a lucrative business opportunity. However, as with any new business, there will be hiccups & challenges along the way. Fortunately, CleanCraft Products, Inc. is here to help entrepreneurs start a new business. We do not franchise; however, we do have programs that help entrepreneurs start their carpet cleaning business and operate their business in ways to provide year after year growth.

We have 2 programs to help you start your business. Both programs include business coaching and ongoing support.

  • Starter Success Package: Equipment, Cleaning Solutions, Supplies, Coaching & Support, & Free Ship (see below)

  • Business Complete Package: Equipment, Cleaning Solutions, Supplies, Coaching & Support, Free Ship, Free Website Building, Free Invoices, Free Marketing Materials (Referral Cards, Magnetic Business Cards, Thank you Cards, Reminder Cards), Free Training Materials (Online Videos and Tips & Best Practices Guides), Access to Online Video Commercials to put on your Free Website, & More... (see below - amazing deal)

start a carpet cleaning business Package #1: Starter Success Package ($3899 - $4299) - Affordable Start-up Package w/ the Best Equipment!

Our Starter Success Package is a great package for carpet cleaning business start-ups loaded with great equipment, chemicals, supplies, & support. We don't include a bunch "fillers" like many so called "startup packages." Whe
n you look at other company’s “Start-up” packages, you must ask yourself what the most costly part of the package entails. If it is not the main carpet cleaning machine, then there is something wrong with their start-up package! Don’t be fooled by “packages” that include glorified wands and tools, but have wimpy, poor performing carpet cleaning extractors. Why is a “Wand” more costly than the carpet cleaning machine??? This is like going to a junk yard and buying a $100 car, and then going to a tire store and buying $5000 tires; then saying you have a great car. What??? Our Starter Success Package provides the best equipment, chemicals, & supplies to ensure higher quality cleaning results. Plus, our years of experience provides advice and "know how" to help your business start & grow.

Check out the
Starter Success Package here.

Package #2: Business Complete Package ($4999 & 0% Financing*) - Amazing Start-up Package w/ the Best Equipment, Marketing & Training Products, & Special Financing Available!

Just like the "Starter Success Package" above, our "Business Complete Package" includes all the equipment, chemicals, supplies, & support you need. However, this package goes above & beyond. We include our specialized marketing plan products like: Free Website Building, Free Invoices, and Free PRINT Marketing Products (
Referral Cards, Magnetic Business Cards, Thank you Cards, Reminder Cards). We also give you access to private training videos to help you learn the proper way to clean carpet & upholstery. We even help with awareness and customer acquisition with access & implementation of Online Video Commercials on your website. This professional package will help you start on the right foot immediately. It's like building a business with a "seasoned pro" holding your hand! Plus, for those that qualify, we even have a special financing program to break your package cost into 12 monthly credit card payments. See the Business Complete Package page for more details on the financing qualifications.

Check out the Business Complete Package here.

Highlights of Both Packages:

Watch our Eclipse Video (comes with both packages) to see how the Eclipse stands above all the competition

Access to Online Commercial: We even have an online video you can use on your website!

Cell Phone Footage: Watch the Eclipse and Code: Green work together to produce amazing results. This is what you get in our packages!

We are happy to discuss your start-up options. Please give us a call at 800-525-3261 to go more in detail and answer any questions you may have.