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Business Complete Package - Start a Carpet Cleaning Business and More
Business Complete Package Ultimate Sart a Carpet Cleaning Business Package
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2 Ways to Finance: Standard Lease Financing or Split-it Process (4 Credit Card Payments) (Click each for Details)

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Business Complete Package - Start a Professional Carpet Cleaning Business w/ Best Equipment, Cleaning Solutions, Marketing Products, & Business Coaching.

If you are looking to start a professional carpet cleaning business and need all the equipment, tools, supplies, business coaching, and financing necessary to help you succeed, CleanCraft has developed the ultimate “Business Complete” carpet cleaning business start-up package. Our “Business Complete” package not only contains all the equipment, chemicals, and supplies you need to help start a successful carpet cleaning business, but it also helps with the necessities to market, operate, and finance your new business venture as well. Plus we have over 55 years of experience to help coach & instruct you along the way!
start a carpet cleaning business

Important Package Note
: Our “Business Complete” start-up package differs from all the other competitor start-up carpet cleaning packages, because it actually contains powerful equipment, EPA approved “Safer Choice” cleaning solution, and business coaching from a team with over 55 years of carpet cleaning experience. Look at the other packages out there. What should be the most expensive part of the package? The answer is the carpet cleaning extractor machine. If you look at the package and add up the pricing of each item included, if the extractor isn’t the majority, what kind of crap are they putting in their package??? Is it a glorified “wand.” Is it a magical machine with only 2 Vacuum motors (I don’t care if they think they are “special” 6.6in vacuum motors). Yes, you guessed it… it is all fillers! Their wimpy machine they include with the package doesn’t compete with our Eclipse with 3 vacuum motors. You will see why by reading & watching the videos below.

Make sure you watch the videos below after you read what this Business Complete Package includes!
The Business Complete package is similar to our "Starter Success Package." However, it not only includes the products & equipment, but it also includes marketing products, online training videos, free website building**, and other helpful business tools.

Business Complete Package Includes:

  • Eclipse Extractor - Your machine is the bread & butter of the package. Don't fall for other "start-up packages" that are full of fluff and skimp out on the main part: the carpet cleaning machine. The Eclipse is a true "Hot Water Extractor" with a Dual Heater to provide the extra heat to cut through dirt & grease quicker & easier. The Eclipse also has 3 Vacuum Motors (not 1 or 2 vacuum motors like other machines). Don't fall for the "special" XX Vacuum Motors on some machines. The fact is that their machines still have 2 vacuum motors. I don't care how "Special" the manufacturer thinks their vacuum motors are. The fact is you can't build a machine with 2 vacuum motors that is as powerful as the Eclipse is with 3 individual vacuum motors. If we could build a machine with 2 vac motors as powerful as the Eclipse, we would do it in a heart beat! It would be cheaper & easier to build a machine with 2 vacuum motors. However, we cannot, and nobody can! The 3 vacuum motor Eclipse gives you true truck mount power! How can we build this machine with 3 vacuum motors and others can't? Watch the video below to see our proprietary "slide-out" tray design that allows us more space to pack the machine with goodies like 3 vacuum motors. Remember, the mores suction power you have, the more dirty water you pull out of the carpet! Simple science.
  • Cleaning Chemicals - Not just any cleaning chemicals, but "Cleaning Solutions" that provide you with better & safer cleaning results. Code: Green is your main cleaner, and part of the EPA Safer Choice program. This means it is safer for the environment and health than many competitor products. This is a marketing perk for your company over your competition.
  • Cleaning Accessories & Supplies - The package comes with the accessories needed to clean, like: Wand & Hoses, Hand Tools for Stairs & Upholstery, and other accessories like foam blocks, plastics slips, sprayers, etc.
  • Phone Training, Support, & Coaching - With over 55 years of carpet cleaning experience, our company has the knowledge to help you along the way. Whether it is the initial training on the equipment & chemicals, how to's, pricing & bidding, or even marketing advice, we have the knowledge and experience to help you and "hold your hand".
  • Video Training - The Business Complete Package comes with access to online videos that will help train you on different cleaning techniques. These training videos give you years of experience at your fingertips.
  • How To's & Best Practices - With the Business Complete Package, you will have access to documentation to give you best practices and how to tips on many aspects of the carpet cleaning industry and running your business.
  • Free Website Building - This alone is over a $685 value. This package includes one of our 3 Website Templates to choose from. As you can see, these are attractive websites with great pictures. We will populate the information you provide, and develop a website for your business. We also include 1 year of domain registration, SSL Certificate, and hosting at no additional charge. (See website note below).
  • Online Video Usage - Since you will be using our Eclipse and Code: Green with purchase of this "Business Complete Package", you will get access to use the "Best Choice for Carpet Cleaning" and "Cell Phone Footage Cleaning" videos shown below on your website for free. These cool video shows the benefit of your company by using the Eclipse & Code: Green. This is a great perk for your business. Plus, since we are building the website mentioned above, you will have immediate access to these videos on your website.
  • Web Directory Page - We even offer a free "Web Directory Page" for customers that continuously use Code: Green. This increases your chances of being found by your local customers.
  • Free 2-Part Invoices - We will develop 2-part invoices for you (qty 200), so you are ready to go on a job and look professional.
  • Free Magnetic Business Cards - We will provide (qty 100) 3in x 3in magnetic business cards with your information on it. Slap these on your customers refrigerator. Look professional and use a business card your customer will not throw away!
  • referral cards on carpet cleaning business start up
  • Free Referral Cards - Choose from one of our custom referral cards for your company. We provide (qty 1000) referral cards that you will pass your customers after each job. The coupon on the card entices the customer to pass to their friends and family. We customize these cards with your company information. Great to get the word out!
  • Free Thank You Postcards - We provide (qty 100) thank you postcards that you can mail to your customers after cleaning. A nice gesture to let you know your customers that you appreciate their business.
  • Free Reminder Postcards Cards - We provide (qty 100) reminder postcards that you can mail customers a year after cleaning. This reminds them that it is time for cleaning again. A cheap, easy way to keep your client base.
  • Free Shipping- This package includes free shipping to the 48 Contiguous US States.

More information on this program (including an itemized list of what's included) is found here: Business Complete Package

Watch our Eclipse Video (comes with the package) to see how the Eclipse stands above all the competition

Access to Online Commercial: We even have an online video you can use on your website!

Cell Phone Footage:
This video can also be put on your website!

We are happy to discuss your start-up options. Please give us a call at 800-525-3261 to go more in detail and answer any questions you may have.

Free Website Note: This package comes with a standard website ($299 value) that you can choose from one of our three design templates. The package also includes one year of free domain registration, SSL Certificate, and hosting ($389 value). To keep the website active for future years, the customer will have to keep a valid credit card on file and will be charged the current yearly hosting fee, SSL Certificate fee, and domain registration renewal fee each year (currently around $389.00, but may change each year). The customer can always cancel future hosting & registrations to remove website design & hosting.

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