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Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning Machines

Do you need a less complex truck mount you can install & maintain yourself? Check out our truck mounted carpet cleaning machines listed below. Shipped right to you for easy install at an affordable price.
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Panther Truck Mount Panther Truck Mount

Panther Truck Mount

Price Starting At: $6,995.00

Carpet Cleaning Truck Mount Options

Have you ever sat back and analyzed why you are looking for a truck mounted carpet cleaning machine? Most people look for a carpet cleaning truck mount because of the POWER. However, there are other things to remember about a truckmount. Things like: Gas Costs, Extra Insurance Costs, Maintenance Costs, Closed-Door Policies, What to do with Waste Water, and many other things that many carpet cleaners do not think of before they purchase a carpet truck mount.

Take a moment to look at our Eclipse High Powered Portable Extractor. We have helped many carpet cleaning businesses move to a more environmentally friendly cleaning option, while at the same time saving thousands of $$$ in up-front and ongoing costs. Please give us a call to discuss if this carpet cleaning truck mount alternative could be a right fit for your company!