CleanCraft Mini-Catalogs

We have been asked many times whether we carry a catalog. As you can see by browsing our website, we carry thousands & thousands of items. It would be impossible to produce a paper catalog that contains all the items we sell. We have found that our website (with easy search features, pictures, videos, & more) is the best catalog possible.

However, some people would still like to have something on paper that they can look at. Thus, we have developed a "Mini-Catalog." The mini-catalog contains some of our more popular items.

You can click on the mini-catalog below to view.

(Notice: Starting in 2016, we have combined both the CleanCraft and CWS-Direct mini-catalogs into one catalog. The CWS-Division is "upside down". Thus, it may be better to print the catalog to view these pages).

Carpet Cleaning Mini-Catalog (Last revised 05/2016)

Helpful Tip: The above link is a PDF file. Almost all computers have the Adobe Acrobat Reader software required to view these files. If you would like to DOWNLOAD the mini-catalog to your computer for faster viewing and easy future access, first right click on the appropriate mini-catalog link above (right click rather than left click), then choose "Save target as" or "Save file as" and save it to your computer. Now, you can open the file that was saved to your computer for faster browsing.