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Eclipse By-Pass Pump Box
Eclipse By-Pass Pump Box
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Our Price: $399.00

Product Code: PM-CZEBYASS220

Eclipse By-Pass Pump BoxTM

This awesome accessory was made to work with the built-in ReRoute By-Pass TechnologyTM found in the Eclipse High Powered Portable Extractor. Combined, you have the best insurance policy against downtime, lost revenue, and angry customers. Think about it. Every pump on every extractor on the market will eventually leak or break down. It is a fact. It is just a matter of time. What happens when you are on the job and have a busy day? A backup machine is costly and a waste of money to keep in operational condition. Fixing the pumping system while on the job is time consuming and doesn't look professional in front of the customer. With the Eclipse By-Pass Pump BoxTM you get back to work now. Just connect to your Eclipse Extractor featuring ReRoute By-Pass TechnologyTM and get back to cleaning. No down time, no lost revenue, no angry customers. The 220psi demand pump inside the Eclipse By-Pass Pump BoxTM gives you plenty of pressure to get the job done. You can then fix your Eclipse internal pumping system at a later date when convenient for you. With this added accessory, you have the best insurance policy against lost revenue and angry customers!

Save $50 when you purchase this accessory at the same time you order your Eclipse Extractor. See the Options Section of the Eclipse Extractor page and check the "Eclipse By-Pass Pump Box" checkbox to get this for $349.00! Or, you can add this via phone, if you would like.

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