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Eclipse High Powered Portable Extractor
Eclipse Portable Extractor - Best Portable Carpet Extractor
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Price Starting At: $2,799.00

Estimated Shipping Cost: $225 - $349


Product Code: ECLIPSE

The following items are included FREE with this product:

Eclipse Model Selection

Wand & Hoses Package

Wand & Hoses - Only $249 ($299 Value). Add a 2-Jet Wand & 25ft Vac & Sol Hoses [Add $249.00]
Portable Options

Auto Fill-Chemical Feed:
Eclipse Rapid Connect Auto Fill & Chemical Feed Option [Add $325.00]

Auto Dump:
Eclipse Rapid Connect Auto Dump Option (Save $35) [Add $495.00]

Eclipse By-Pass Pump Box:
Eclipse By-Pass Pump Box (Save $50) [Add $349.00]


portable extractor carpet cleaning machine

Best Portable Extractor - Carpet Cleaning Machine with Truck Mount Power!

portable carpet cleaning machine

13 Gal. Solution / 15 Gal. Recovery Tanks - 3 & 4 Vacuum Motor Models!

The Eclipse has power impossible to find in other Portable Extractors, and even hard to get in many Truck Mounts. This is an amazing carpet cleaning machine. Carpet cleaning equipment at it's best!

The Eclipse ® portable carpet cleaning machine offers models with 3 and 4 vacuum motors that produce 249” Water-Lift (3 Vac Model) and even 340” Water-Lift (4 Vac Model). Your choice of 220psi or Adjustable 0-500 psi pumps, Dual Heating Systems, and other Auto Options make the Eclipse the right choice for any person or company looking for a new extractor.

The next generation of High-Powered Portable Extractors is here. CleanCraft's Eclipse is a machine like no other. Whether you are currently using another portable unit or a truck mount, you will not believe the power of this unit! Not only does the Eclipse provide power, but it also has features, components, and the look that makes this unit stand above all others.

Don't be fooled by other extractors out there that claim to have "Special" XX vacuum motors that are unique to their company. Nope, you can get those vacuum motors anywhere. In fact, 30 years ago, they used to use 7.2" vacuum motors that are bigger than the 6.6" some are using today. The fact is that you cannot build a machine with 2 vacuum motors that is as powerful as the Eclipse with 3 vacuum motors. If you could, we would do it in a heart beat. It is much cheaper & easier to build a machine with 2 vacuum motors. However, no matter how "special" other extractors think their vacuum motors are, they can't compete with the Eclipse's power of 3 vacuum motors. You can see what makes us unique and how we can build with 3 vacuum motors with our proprietary "slide-out" tray design by watching the video below.

The Eclipse was designed with the Carpet Cleaner in mind! Ever have a great idea how a professional extractor should be built? Well, the Eclipse is the cumulative result of industry veterans producing a machine like no other. The Eclipse has been one of the industry leading professional extractors for over 15 years. Always in the forefront of design and technology, CleanCraft has done it again with the Eclipse. Starting in 2018, CleanCraft has improved the Eclipse with additional features & enhancements…

Watch this Eclipse video to see more about the Eclipse features & technology...

Cell Phone Footage of Eclipse in Action...

Eclipse vs. Truck Mounts

Eclipse comparison

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  • Power - Models available with 3 Vacuum Motors that produce 249" Water Lift
  • carpet cleaning equipment portable extractor
  • More Power - Eclipse Quad 500 Model has 4 Vacuum motors that produce around 340" Water Lift
  • Adjustable PSI - 500psi models available with Adjustable Water Pressure for the Water Pump
  • Dual Heating System - Models available with two Heating Elements allow continuous heating of Solution. Plus, 2 Heater Switches allows you to turn off half the heater in homes with bad circuitry (i.e. old homes). This allows you to at least run half the heater instead of no heater at all, unlike other machines.
  • ReRoute By-Pass TechnologyTM - The 1st and only extractor on the market to have this built-in technology! See below for more information & our video on this exiting new technology.
  • Slide-Out Tray - Easy Access for repairs. All the "Guts" of the machine slide out right in front of you. carpet cleaning machine tray
  • Drop-in Dry Filter - Allows Dry Vacuuming without worry of damage to Vacuum Motors
  • Backside Placement of Hose Connects - Easy movement of the machine away from the operator
  • Dump Hose - Rather than having a dump valve that will start to leak over time (like other units), the Dump Hose allows easy dumping right into a 5 gallon bucket or toilet.
  • Switches on Handle - Allows the operator to easily access switches without having to bend over to reach them
  • Pump Kill Switch - A Float in the Solution Tank prevents running the Pump Dry, which could save precious pump life
  • Circuit Indicator Light - A light turns on to indicate your are on separate circuits. Helps prevents popped circuits.
  • Additional Improvements:

  • Heavy Duty, Non-Marking Rear Wheels - The Eclipse's wheels were improved with heavy duty 10in wheels that provide extra strength and maneuverability.
  • Taller Base - The bottom black base portion of the Eclipse is now made 2in taller to provide easier slide-out access of the tray.
  • 4-Fan Forced Venting System - The Eclipse goes beyond just vents (like other machines) to keep the inner working area cool. We use technology for everything... our 4-Fan forced venting system blows cooler air in and hotter air out of the inner working area of the Eclipse. Cooler working atmosphere for components can equal longer part life!
  • Smarter Build Components - We redesigned the inside guts of the Eclipse for easy "Swapping" of parts. Items like "quick release" electrical components, wing nuts on the relay protector, and redesign of mounting brackets for quick removal and replacement of vacuum motors make the Eclipse even easier to service and maintain.
  • Rapid Connect Auto Features - You can now purchase Auto Fill/Chemical Feed and Auto Dump options "after market." The Eclipse Rapid Connect Auto options allow you to just "Snap" the auto features right on to the Eclipse. Now you can fully automate your machine on big commercial jobs! (See Product Accessories down below for more information on these separate accessories).
  • Wand & Hoses Package:

    The price of the Eclipse does not include hoses and a wand. However, for only $199.00 more, you can get our High Quality 2-Jet Stainless Steel Wand, 25ft Crushproof Vacuum Hose, and 25ft High Pressure (3000psi rated) Solution Hose w/ Male & Female Quick Connectors. Sold separately, this is over $250.00 on our website. It is easily $300-$400 on other websites. So, if you need hoses and a wand, make sure you take advantage of this Package deal. This package deal is only available at time of sale when you purchase the Eclipse!

    Business Start-up Packages:

    If you are new to the industry and starting a carpet cleaning business, please see our packages we have put together to help you. Our packages includes extras beyond just the extractor. See our Start Your Own Carpet Cleaning Business page for more details.

    online video usage Online Video Commercial - When you purchase the Eclipse, you get the opportunity to add this 3-minute Online Video Commercial to your website! You have heard that a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, this video is worth a million. It was designed to communicate why potential customers visiting your website should choose your company for carpet & upholstery cleaning. Imagine the benefits of having this commercial on your website: Professional image, Effective visual communication, Highlights the main selling points of your service. This video can help your business grow! More details on how you can use this video are listed here: Online Video Commercial Page.

    ReRoute By-Pass TechnologyTM portable extractor box
    The Eclipse has been one of the industry leading professional extractors for over a decade. Always in the forefront of design and technology, CleanCraft has done it again with the Eclipse. The Eclipse is the 1st and ONLY extractor on the market to offer ReRoute By-Pass TechnologyTM. This exciting new technology reroutes the internal plumbing of your machine in an instant, if there is ever a problem with your pump, heater, water lines, etc. Think of it as a built-in safeguard to prevent you from ever being in the position to cancel jobs, because your machine is out of commission. Remember, eventually, every machine’s pump will go down, it is just a matter of time. With the Eclipse’s built-in ReRoute By-Pass TechnologyTM, you will never be in a position of cancelling work, losing money, and creating angry customers. Remember, the Eclipse is now built standard with the ReRoute By-Pass TechnologyTM. To take advantage of this technology, you will need to get the Eclipse By-Pass Pump BoxTM accessory.

    Watch the Eclipse ReRoute By-Pass video below! Also, see the Eclipse By-Pass Pump Box under "Product Accessories." Save $50.00 when you purchase the Eclipse By-Pass Pump BoxTM at the same time you are buying the Eclipse extractor. See the checkbox above under "Portable Options."

    Watch this video about the new Eclipse ReRoute By-Pass TechnologyTM

    Need some education on portable extractors? We recommend looking at this website for some great articles about extractors: www.carpetcleaning-machine.com

    Market a "Green" image with your company. Using the Eclipse & Code:Green can put a "Green" marketing edge to your company. Here is an example of how one of our customers uses the "Green" advantages of the Eclipse & Code:Green to work to his company's benefit. (Reported by Courtney Dunn, WBOY-TV).

    Standard Stocked Models:

    CE249BXFH: Eclipse 249" Water-Lift (3 Vacs), 500psi adjustable, Dual Heating System
    CEVAC4B: Eclipse Quad 340” Water-Lift (4 vacs), 500psi adjustable, (No Heater)
    CE249BXRH: Eclipse 249" Water-Lift (3 Vacs), 220psi, Dual Heating System

    Other Models Available:

    CE249BXR: Eclipse 249" Water-Lift (3 Vacs), 220psi, (No Heater)

    Additional Options Available:

    Rapid Connect Auto Dump - No stopping to empty. Automatically dump your dirty water while cleaning. Snaps right on to your Eclipse.
    Rapid Connect Auto Fill/Chemical Feed - No stopping to fill water & chemical. Supply your Eclipse with cleaning solution by automatically ratioing water & chemical right into the solution tank while you clean.
    Eclipse By-Pass Pump Box - See video above on this!

    Other Notes
    Dimensions: 38.5"H x 23"W x 30"L (All Models, 2018 & beyond)
    2 Cord Systems: Heated models require at least one 20amp circuit.
    Grow Business Guarantee: See our Online Video Commercial Page for usage guidelines and for guarantee information.
    Eclipse By-Pass Pump Box is an added accessory purchase in order to take advantage of the built-in ReRoute By-Pass TechnologyTM that comes standard in the Eclipse.

    Product Accessories
    Eclipse Rapid Connect Auto Dump SpinVax 1000XT Air Duct Cleaning Equipment Package Eclipse Rapid Connect Auto Fill - Chemical Feed Eclipse By-Pass Pump Box
    Our Price: $525.00

    Our Price: $4,499.00

    Our Price: $325.00

    Our Price: $399.00

    Eclipse Rapid Connect Auto Dump SpinVax 1000XT Air Duct Cleaning System Equipment Package Eclipse Rapid Connect Auto Fill Chemical Feed Eclipse By-Pass Pump Box
    Code: Green (1 Gal): All-in-One Carpet Cleaning Agent Business Complete Package - Start a Carpet Cleaning Business and More Starter Success Package - Start a Carpet Cleaning Business
    Our Price: $29.95 Free Shipping Available

    Package Price: $5,199.00

    Price Starting At: $4,199.00

    Code: Green All-in-One Carpet Cleaning Agent Business Complete Package Ultimate Sart a Carpet Cleaning Business Package Starter Success How to Start a Carpet Cleaning Business Package

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    5 of 5 BEAST!!! April 15, 2021
    Reviewer: dave frederick from Bozeman, MT United States  
    This machine is a BEAST!!! Code Green is exceptional !! Haven't had to use anything  else to get out stains!!! Incredible product!!!  Doing jobs on the 3rd, 4th and 5th floor Apartments and Condos that truck mounts cant get to !!!! EASY MONEY!!!!! Thanx Clean Craft for all your support !!!!

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      2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
    5 of 5 Eclipse portable extractor December 18, 2015
    Reviewer: Wade Kulesa from Sioux Falls, SD United States  
    Love this machine! Great suction, functionality, and easy to use. Lightweight enough for me to lower it out of my vehicle by myself yet very durable. I would highly recommend this portable extractor.

    Was this review helpful to you?

      2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
    5 of 5 The Eclipse is a money maker plain and simple!!! August 1, 2015
    Reviewer: Stephen Toney from Mint Hill, NC United States  
    I bought my Eclipse a little over a year ago and I have been using it to make my customers' carpet look incredible. I also clean ceramic tile and grout and use the Eclipse to extract the water. I believe it is better than a  truck mount  cleaner. I take my Eclipse in high rise condos where truck mounts can't go. It has three vacuum motors and the water lift is awesome.  If you take care of your machine you can earn lots of money using the customer's electricity and water. I am so happy to have my Eclipse.

    Was this review helpful to you?